Dynamic Eating Psychology

We live in a world and a culture where our bodies, our image and our weight influence so many of our decisions about what foods we eat, when we eat and how we eat. We can end up on a round about of dieting, emotional eating, overeating, or feeling guilt and shame for not getting where we want to go. Our relationship with food is complex and is woven into many other aspects of our lives.

I want to inspire you to find the freedom for joyful living and joyful eating.

You can read more about all the things in life that influence our eating and thinking habits, and how we come to believe the things that we do about life, body image and weight on my blog.


Eating Psychology Coaching

As a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Aromatherapist-in-training, I use dynamic eating psychology, mind body nutrition principles and essential oils to help my clients break negative patterns of thinking around body image and disordered eating habits.

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Online Program

Coming Soon! An 8 week program specially designed to help you to delve deep into your own relationship with food, with body image, with life and with yourself. Helping you understand the underlying causes of your unwanted eating habits and find the freedom to live and eat more joyfully.