You look like you've lost weight


I've noticed lately that we have a bit of a habit of commenting about the weight of friends and family as a way to compliment them - "You look like you've lost weight"

This is interesting for a few reasons. Sometimes, the opposite can be true. I've had this comment before when I knew I had put on weight. It also gives a lot of credit for our state of health and our state of energy to this one aspect of our appearance and can lead to self judgemental thoughts for the receiver - "Did they always think that I needed to lose weight?"

It's important to note that most of the time, those who use this phrase as a compliment have good intentions. What if we all started to change how we complimented one another. The way that we talk to ourselves and others is so important, so here's a few different phrases to try:

- It's so nice to see you, you're looking so happy and well

- That dress (or other item of clothing) looks fantastic

- I'm getting such a positive vibe from you lately

- You are glowing with good health

There are so many great ways to compliment without focusing on weight. How else do you like to give a compliment?