Find your freedom


What does freedom look like to you?

If you weren't thinking about what to eat, when to eat, worried about what you looked like, whether you were good enough (hint: you already are). If you were to break away from dieting, from checking the scale each day and letting the number control your calorie intake or your mood, from your guilt around eating things you think are ‘bad’ for you, what would life look like?

You know that inner voice that tells you “If you just ate more of this or less of that”, “If you just exercised more”, “If you just kickstarted everything with a detox”, “If you could just lose the weight with a diet now, then you will be able eat only in moderation to maintain the weight after”, “If your body just looked a little different here or there, then you’d be happy”?

That voice is what I work with you to challenge and quieten.

I know that voice so well. I have been there, and I have also seen another way to live. When I challenged my long held beliefs about my body, my diet and what I thought they should look like, I found peace and I found time! I had space to think about the things I wanted to achieve, time to work towards a life that was the way I wanted it to look.

Freedom from dieting to create a positive body image and a joyful life is different for everyone. Finding your freedom may not be easy or fast, but oh how it’s worth it. What would it feel like to be able to keep chocolate in the pantry without thinking about it, to be able to listen to the cues of your body about what to eat, when to eat, when to move and when to rest? What are the things you'd have time to think about and indulge in?

I will be sharing a bunch of great tools and strategies with you to practice challenging that inner critic and finding your freedom. Are you ready to come with me?