You are so much more than a number


Why is it that when it comes to utility companies and other large service providers the common saying is 'don't treat me like a number', yet when it comes to the numbers on the scales and on our clothing we tend to reduce ourselves to a number. So much so that for many of us, when we see the number as higher than we deem acceptable, we are already telling ourselves that we're unworthy or setting an internal intention to have a bad day, but if that number is lower, we equate that to better and we have a spring in our step.

I had an interesting experience when I was shopping the other day. A friend went to get me a different sized dress after the one I tried on was too small. They came back and said 'there was a smaller size and a larger size and this one that the label is missing, so I assume that it's the right one'. My mind went straight to an assumption that without a size, I couldn't try it on, because it will be embarrassing if it's either too large or too small. But then I caught myself in this thinking, and realised that it was actually liberating to not know the size - I could try it on for what it was and just see if it fit. And if it did, why did it matter what the number on the label would have said?

Imagine if all our clothes had no labels on them, and we simply wore them for fit, comfort and a bit of style and glamour. The reality is that we treat ourselves as numbers when we let those labels take over, and all the people around us see us as a whole person wearing a great outfit. Today, I am proudly wearing pieces of clothing ranging from a size 8 (S) to a size 14 (L) in the same outfit! That is enough to confirm to me that sizing numbers is just perception.

A few things to try:

- If you're out shopping for new clothes, use the labels as a starting guide only

- Know that one size at one shop may be very different to that size in a different shop, so feel the clothing that you try on for comfort and fit 

- Make your wardrobe neutral and numberless by cutting out the size labels

Have a go, and start to lessen your reliance on numbers as a guide for how you feel about yourself. You are a whole perfect being, and so much more than just a number.